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What is life after sports actually like? We dive deep into the challenges former athletes face as they navigate the next season of their life.

we get really really real.

We focus on the most important season as an athlete, life after sports. Stories, resources and ideas to help you live a championship life beyond the game.

it's Support you needed!

We go LIVE so that you can interact with our guests and ask all the buring questions you have about life after sports.

not your average podcast

What you'll find on the podcast:

- Darci

"I love the show and how relatable the show is.If you are a former athlete I highly reccomend this pod!"

- Cherie

"I love how relatable Coach Sarah is. She understands what a team is"

- Taj

"Dr. Sarah is a phenomenal coach and even better human being. Her passion for serving the athlete community shines through in her podcast."

I founded Rebranded Athlete, LLC because I saw a need to support athletes find their identity beyond the game. As a former D1 volleyball player I was so wrapped up in my identity as an athlete that it took me years to finally figure out that life lessons and skills I learned on the court were an invaluable gift that would propel me in my career and life I would go on to create as an entrepreneur.  

The Rebranded Athlete Podcast provides a space for athletes to be seen, heard and validated as they find their place in the world as they pivot from the game.  I invite you to join me live on Wednesdays to come be part of the conversation and if you are an former athlete or a specialist that can provide resources and expertise for our audience, I encourage you to reach to be part of the show. 

DI Athlete · Athlete transition coach · Podcast Strategist

Host of the Rebranded Athlete Podcast

Hey! I'm Dr. Sarah

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Alex Molden, former NFL player and current Leadership Development coach speaks about his transition out of athletics and the pivotal conversation he had as he was turned down for a job. 

Ep: 57 Alex Molden
"Watch, Learn and Listen"

Jessica Hardy, olympic gold medalist tells her story of being disqualified from the 2008 olympics and one of the greatest comeback of all where she went on to win gold in 2012 at the London games. 

Ep: 49 Jessica Hardy
"Keep Striving"

Brock Johnson, former D1 football player shares how we started his business while playing at UC Davis and how he has grown his instagram to over 500K followers and became a  7 figure business owner at the age of 24. 

Ep: 54 Brock Johnson
"Stay Consistent"

Ricky Romero, former MLB for the Toronto Blue Jays talks about his career as an elite athlete and the difficult decision to finally leave the game of baseball. 

Ep: 43 Ricky Romero
"Enjoy the Process"

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"Her passion for serving the athlete community shines through in everything she does! I can't wait to listen to more episodes"
 — Taj D.

"She is a phemomenal coach and and even better human being"

 "She connects so well with her guests and asks very thoughtful questions.  I've really enjoyed listening to the interviees! If you are an athlete or former athlete I highly reccomend this pod!" 
- Darci

"I love this show and how relatable Dr. Sarah is!"

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